Warehouse Use One Beam Eot Crane 10 Ton

Warehouse Use One Beam Eot Crane 10 Ton

Solitary Girder & CZPT Girder Overhead Crane 


Overhead crane (Bridge Crane, EOT crane) is composed of bridge, travelling mechanisms, trolley, electrical tools. The bridge body adopts box welded composition, the crane travelling mechanism adopts individual drive withe motor and pace reducer. 
It is characterised by much more realistic construction and greater strength metal as a entire.


LD One Girder Overhead Crane is utilised collectively with CD1 design MD1 product electric hoist as a total established.The one girder overhead crane is broadly utilized in plants, warehouse, substance shares to elevate merchandise.


LH CZPT Girder Overhead Crane is used in open warehouse or rail sideways to perform typical loading unloading and material managing performs. It is a hefty obligation sort overhead crane that fulfill frequenty making use of.

Parameters :

lifting potential (t) 2 five 7.five ten 15 20 twenty five 32 fifty
span (m) eight-35
max lifting top (m) twenty fourteen 18 14
major lifting velocity (m/min) A5 twelve.six 12.six eight.5 eight.five 7.9 7.2 eight.5 7.5 five.9
A6 15.six fifteen.6 thirteen.three fifteen.six thirteen.3 thirteen 12.5 9.five seven.8
trolley travelling pace(m/min) 37.2 37.two forty three.eight 37.two forty three.8 44.6 44.6 42.4 38.5
primary lifting motor(m/min) a5 13 thirteen 17 thirteen seventeen 26 26 forty two fifty five
q6 fifteen 15 22 15 22 37 forty five fifty five seventy five
trolley motor(kW) two.five two.5 2.five 1.8 2.two 3.7 three.7 five.5 seven.5
operate duty A5-A6
electricity supply AC 220-690V,50/60Hz





Safety feature:

· Overload warning and limiter

· Lifting height limit device

· Phase sequence protection function

· Emergency stop function

· Hooks with latch

· Rubber buffers

Control method:

· Pendant line control

· Remote control 

· Cabin control

· Choose any two together 


· Process: Sandblast ,CZPTr,finishing paint

· Color: Yellow,Purple,Blue etc.(according to your demand).

· Average thickness: above 120 microns.(according to your demand).

Warehouse Use One Beam Eot Crane 10 Ton