Treatment of Low Turbidity Sewage Daf Machine

Treatment of Low Turbidity Sewage Daf Machine

Remedy of low turbidity sewage daf equipment

        YW collection Dissolved Air Flotation is mostly for strong-liquid or liquid-liquid separation. Big sum of micro bubbles made by dissolving and releasing system adhere to reliable or liquid particles with same density as squander water to make the complete float to the surface area therefore accomplish the purpose of sound-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

CZPT Parameter:

Model Potential
Dissolved Gas drinking water
Major dynamo power
Foam scraper energy
Air compressor electrical power
Dissolved air tank measurement
General dimension
YW-five four-5 1.5-two three .fifty five one.5 φ400×1000 3300×1800×2000
YW-10 eight-10 two-three four .55 one.five φ500×1512 4000×2100×2200
YW-20 fifteen-twenty 5-7 seven.5 .55 one.5 φ500×1512 4600×2400×2200
YW-30 20-thirty six-10 seven.five .55 1.five φ500×1512 5200×2600×2400
YW-forty 30-40 eight-thirteen seven.5 .seventy five two.two φ600×1880 6000×2600×2400
YW-50 forty-fifty fifteen-twenty 7.five .seventy five 2.2 φ600×1880 7000×2600×2400
YW-sixty fifty-60 eighteen-27 eleven .seventy five 2.two φ600×1880 7600×2800×2400
YW-70 60-70 22-30 eleven .75 2.2 φ650×2034 8400×2800×2400
YW-eighty 70-80 24-32 11 .seventy five three φ650×2034 9200×2800×2400
YW-one hundred and five 90-one zero five 30-35 fifteen one.five three φ700×1980 10000×2800×2600
YW-a hundred and fifty one hundred twenty five-one hundred fifty 60-eighty 22 1.1 4 φ700×1980 13500×2800×2600
YW-200 one hundred seventy five-200 80-100 thirty 1.1 five.5 φ800×2100 15800×2800×2600
YW-250 225-250 100-one hundred twenty 37 five.five φ800×2400 15200×3400×2600
YW-three hundred 280-300 120-a hundred and eighty 37 1.1 five.five φ1000×2900 19200×3400×2800

Product Functionality:

1.The DAF device depends on a big amount of micro-bubbles to eliminate the flocculation of  the adhesion reaction,so the flocculayion specifications are not higher ,which can minimize the flocculation time and preserve the flocculation agent.

2.Substantial produce per device region,little pool capacity and flooring location,preserving land and value.

3.Convenient sludge discharge ,minimal water consumptionlow humidity content material of sludge.

4.Shallow tank physique depth ,basic tank structure .The device can be opened and stopped at any time according to the scenario and the genuine wants,CZPT influencing the water top quality ,easy procedure and routine maintenance.


        YW Dissolved Air program is composed of Air Dissolving Program(dissolved air pump,air compressor ,dossolved air tank, releaser and many others.),air flotation tank, scraping system(foam scraper reducer, chain,scraping board etc).


one.Separation of oily(like emulsified) wastewater from petroleum, chemical and mechanical processes.

two.CZPTvery of sewage natural issue.(this kind of as recovery of pulp fibers and fillers from paper mill wastewater).

three.Treatment of wastewater with substantial chroma and low dissolved oxygen.These kinds of as textile printing and dyeing wastewater remedy .

four.Treatment method of oxide-abundant wastewater containing algae.

five.Treatment of lower temperature and lower turbidity sewage.

6.Change secondary sedimentation tank, appropriate for the situation that is straightforward to create sludge swellingIt is suitable for the focus of residual activated sludge and hassle-free for the treatment of filter press.

Functioning Principle:

       Pollutants in wastewater can be divided into soluble organic matter and the solubility compound(SS),soluble organic issue underneath specific circumstances,can be converted into a soluble material ,1 method sewage therapy is to be part of coagulants and flocculants to make most of soluble natural subject convert to the soluble material ,then get rid of all or most of the soluble compound(SS)removing in purchase to accomplish the goal of the sewage therapy ,and the principal approach of eliminating SS is air flotation method.Following the chemical reaction,the wastewater enters the mixing zone,which is combined with the dissolved air h2o soon after releasing ,so that the flocs adhere to the small bubbles and then enter the air floating zone.The flocs would kind floating scum, the under clear drinking water would flow into the thoroughly clean water tank ,a element of h2o reflux as dissolved air drinking water ,the other portion of drinking water overflows through overflow gap .When the scum on the h2o surface of the air float is amassed to a specific thickness,it is discharged from the sludge tank by the scraper.

Transportation Package deal:

Organization Introduction:

        ZheJiang Much better Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a immediate manufacture manufacturing unit with 10 several years knowledge in squander administration and squander drinking water therapy gear.      During the past decade, we gained extremely great popularity amongst our customers all over the globe by the excellent manufacturing and dependable good quality, these kinds of as United states,Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh , Iraq, Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Mongolia, UZ, Congo, Senegal, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Kuwait, Kenya, etc, and got the National Patent for our items. “There is no ideal, only Much better”, it is the pursuit we will in no way stop. We sincerely search CZPT to cooperating with friends at property and abroad and warmly welcome you to cooperate with each other for making the much better.


Q1: How to buy the items?
A: You can provide us your drinking water resources, h2o good quality ,h2o amount, h2o soon after necessity (contact us for far more specifics).

Q2: How to put in right after the products arriving location?
A : Do not fear .we supply on-internet site installation ,debugging, training and Oversea Providers. (engineers CZPT to support equipment overseas)

Q3: Can I get a price cut price tag?
A : Of program, remember to make contact with us straight.

This autumn: How to pack the items?
A : We use regular deal.( If you have specific package needs, we will pack as essential.)

Q5: What if the product has any problems in the potential?
A : After-sales support provided.

Treatment of Low Turbidity Sewage Daf Machine