Sgb Underground Mining Scraper Chain Conveyor

Sgb Underground Mining Scraper Chain Conveyor

Introduction of SGB Scraper Chain CZPT

SGB Scraper Chain CZPT Machine apples to sluggish carefully inclined slender coal seam working experience conveyor of coal. Mining peak is broken ground to .six m, dip angle of coal seam is not far more than 25 degrees.
SGB Scraper Chain CZPT Machine is much more ideal for challenging coal, huge blocks or more inner filth band conveyor coal. The scraper conveyor is created to largely for horizontal transportation in the underground coal mining sector and metallurgical mine.

Primary Characteristics of SGB Scraper Chain CZPT

1. Strong construction: SGB Scraper Chain CZPT Equipment can face up to coal and squander rock or other components of blunt, strike, and other exterior pressure.
2. It can adapt to the coalface ground rugged, bending goes wants, can stand up to the vertical or horizontal bending.
three. Entire body short, easy to install.
4. It can double as the shearer working the orbit .
five. SGB Scraper Chain CZPT Device can reverse operation, easy to offer with bottom chain accident.

CZPT Parameters of SGB Scraper Chain CZPT

No. Tech SGB420/thirty(forty) SGB520/40 SGB620/forty(fifty five)
one Shipping volume(t/h) 80(a hundred) one hundred twenty a hundred and fifty
2 Manufacturing facility length(m) a hundred a hundred 80(a hundred)
3 CZPT height(mm) 512(620) 620 620
four Chain speed(m/s) .79(.86) .86 .86
5 CZPT motors Design variety JDSB30(DSB40) DSB40 DSB40(fifty five)
Power(kW) 30(forty) forty 40 (fifty five)
Amount of revolutions(r/min) 1470 1470 1470
Voltage(V) 380/660 380/660 380/660
6 Scraper chain Kind Facet double-stranded Aspect double-stranded Side double-stranded
Technical specs(mm) 14×50(18×64) 18×64 18×64
Breaking load(KN) ≥190 ≥320 ≥320
seven Reducer transmission ratio 1:22.24(1:24.56) 1:24.fifty six one:24.fifty six
8 Middle slot dimension (L x W x H) 1200×420×150
1500×520×180 1500×620×180
9 Overall fat(t) 10.three(13) fourteen 15

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Sgb Underground Mining Scraper Chain Conveyor