LED Chip Placement Machine, Stencil Printer, Reflow Oven, Conveyor

LED Chip Placement Machine, Stencil Printer, Reflow Oven, Conveyor

Nitrogen Reflow Oven&solSMT Reflow Oven supplier in China E8-N

Lead-free of charge sizzling air reflow oven ETA E8-N
Ø High-end reflow oven in China
Heating System
> 8 groups of best and bottom forced scorching air convection heating zones&period
> Patented heating plates in each zone uniformly transfer warmth to the PCBs using compelled sizzling air convection&period
> Independent temperature management in every zone to ensure temperature uniformity inside of the method tunnel&period of time
> Energy consumption financial savings of 1&sol3 as in comparison to other programs&period
> Patented motorized blower in each and every zone is developed to make sure steady air pressure&comma face up to substantial process temperature and is disturbance-free&period of time
> Audible and light-weight tower alarm for temperature boundaries&comma PCB drop&comma PCB jam and blower malfunction&interval
> Rapidly begin-up &lparwithin twenty minutes&rpar from place temperature to function temperature due to the substantial efficiency of the motorized heating plates&period
Cooling Technique
> Two &lpar2&rpar teams of forced air convection cooling zones&period of time
Distortion-free of charge CZPT Technique with Automatic Chain Lubrication
> Combined pin chain rail and mesh belt conveyor system &lparNote&colon Mesh belt is not CZPT on devices with heart board support&period &rpar
> Closed-loop laptop handle of the conveyor supplies a precise and repeatable reflow approach&period
> Automated chain lubrication program with a computer managed central reservoir&time period Lubricant is extra right to the conveyor brush getting rid of operator interface for this servicing&period
Clean Air Recharge Method
> Clean air is supplied to every zone uniformly to offer a rapid approach transfer&interval
Flux Management Method
> Air amplifier forces supercharged flux selection and recirculation&interval
> Flux exhaust chimney with drawer shaped filter net is easy to access for routine maintenance&interval
Handle Method
> Computer management system with home windows based mostly manage computer software&time period
Extra Characteristics
> Built-in UPS will be routinely activated in circumstance of major power failure and will maintain manage Pc and conveyor running for minimum 8 minutes to send out PCBs within the oven tunnel&time period
> Motorized hood elevate allows straightforward obtain to the within of the oven for service and routine maintenance&interval
> Five &lpar5&rpar profiling ports and built-in profiling application are created for hassle-free temperature profiling&period of time
> Swing arm manage Laptop station
> 4 &lpar4&rpar crisis cease switches
> Two &lpar2&rpar exhaust ports
> SMEMA interface
> Method documentation

Design E8
Outdoors dimension 5140x1300x1580mm
CZPT shade Laptop grey
Weight 1800kg
Amount of heating zones Up8&solbottm8
Lengthof heating zones 2900mm
Quantity of cooling zones 2&lparbuilt-in&rpar
Exhaust volume 10M3&solminx2 Exhausts
CZPT attribute of management program
CZPT offer necessary 3phase&comma 380V 50&sol60Hz 
CZPT electricity necessary 64KW
Electricity for warm up 32KW
Energy intake 10KW
Heating pattern Up& Base Scorching air
Warming time Approx&period of time 30minute
Temp&interval placing range Space temp&lowbar&lowbar300degree
Control method PLC&plus Laptop
Temperature manage approach PID shut loop management &plusSSR driving
Temperature control precision &pm 1&period0degree
Temperature deviation on PCB &pm one&period0degree
Information storage Method information and standing storage &lpar80GB&rpar
Irregular alarm Abnormal temperature&lparextra-substantial&solextra-reduced temp&rpar
Board dropped alarm Tower mild&colon yellow warming&colon Green-normal&colon Red-irregular
CZPT attributes of conveyor method
Max&time period width of PCB Max&colon 450mm&lparCZPT&rpar
Rail Variety one Lane&lparstandard&rpar
Elements clearance Prime&solbottom clearance of PCB is 25mm
CZPT height Gentle &rightarrow right&lparoption&colon R&rightarrow L&rpar
PCB transmission agent Air-reflow&equalschain &plusmesh &lparCZPT&rpar
CZPT height 900&sol&pm 20mm
CZPT velocity selection three hundred~2000mm&solmin

For SMT manufacturing facility setup&commawe can do for you&colon
one&time period We offer Full SMT solution for you
two&period of time We provide core engineering with our equipments 
three&period We provide the most skilled tech service 
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ETA is the major SMT factory remedy service provider in China&commaoffering specialist SMT factory building
guidance and support&periodWe have 20 year encounter about SMT factories&commaoffering full remedies for international
clients with our great advantaged resources&periodOur core technology group members are well seasoned in
SMT subject&comma studying knowledge from leading intercontinental chip mounters meanwhile rising unbiased
investigation and growth&time period Presently ETA SMT equipment is consultant of large quality &comma has
managed complete major technologies in the business&period of time
In excess of the many years the organization has been committed to enhancing technology&comma good quality and perfect services&period of time
ETA can make a positive contribution to worldwide regular&commathe yearly whole capacity of 1200 sets&comma
handed the CZPT&colon 2000&comma ISO14000&comma CE&comma UL&comma RoHS and other certifications&time period Full implementation of
the IPD process&comma dependable style and testing during the whole item life cycle&periodETA’s
ongoing expenditure in study and advancement and great contribution has been unanimously
regarded in the area&time period By the stop of 2012&comma ETA has declared far more than 30 patents and software
copyrights &lparincluding four creation patents&rpar&comma and actively concerned in a number of countrywide and
sector requirements&interval ETA supplies more superior products and rapidly technological assist for worldwide
customers&comma at home and overseas&period of time

Mira Yang 
ETA Digital Products Co&period of time&comma Ltd&period
Websit &colon www&periodsmt11&periodcom www&periodetasmt&periodcom
cell &colon &plus86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778632967404

LED Chip Placement Machine, Stencil Printer, Reflow Oven, Conveyor