High Powered Inversion Trolley

High Powered Inversion Trolley

Large Powered Inversion Trolley (X348, X458)

When the chain varieties into a ring, it can be used as a conveyor chain for heavy masses. Our drop cast chain is usually found on the conveying gear and suspension equipment, automobile, foods processing, and steelmaking industries.

Our organization is the lagrest drop forged chain producer. The primary goods are common drop solid chain.

Strategy parameter:

Identify Forging parameters Excess weight
One stage load (KG) Allowable load (KG) Limit load
X348-one 83 forty two one zero five 40 50 forty eight ten 1.35 one hundred 1100 1800
X348-eleven eighty five 45 93 forty sixty 48 ten one.35 a hundred 1100 1800
X458 ninety five 44 one hundred twenty 54.5 50 fifty four 10 2.five two hundred 1800 3600

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CZPT items include various transmission and conveyor chains, like Roller Chain, CZPT Pitch CZPT Chain, Hollow Pin Chain, Leaf Chain, Desk Leading Chain, Side Bow Chain, Lumber Chain, CZPT Chain, Silent Chain, PIV Chain, Stainless Metal Chain, Nickel / Zinc-Plated Chain, Dacromet Chain, CZPT Chain, Metal Pintle Chain, Welded Metal Chain, Forged Chain, Malleable Iron Chain, and a lot of other varieties. Various kinds of attachments are CZPT.

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High Powered Inversion Trolley