Custom DC Brushless 48V 400W High Power Motor Roller for Conveyor

Custom DC Brushless 48V 400W High Power Motor Roller for Conveyor

Specification of the DC brushless electrical roller transmission roll motor

Rapid and effortless set up. 
In contrast with the classic reducer + motor and other electrical power driving models, “CZPT” electric powered roller is more rapidly and less complicated in the installation of conveying tools, requiring only 1 quarter of the set up time of the traditional motor reducer system. 

Secure procedure
Various from the classic duplicate and mix of one system of motor reducer equipment, “CZPT” electrical roller will motor, reducer and other components assembled in a sealed container body, Only the supporting shafts at the two finishes are set on the conveying gear to make the procedure of conveying tools safer. 

Preserve a space
Diverse from the conventional motor travel system (normally composed of motor, reducer, travel drum, bearing seat, chain and assistance), 
The electric roller assembles all the external elements in the exact same cylinder body and travels a simple driving device, as a result minimizing transportation
And room occupied by gear. 

Reduce energy use
In comparison with “CZPT” electrical roller, the traditional external generate program directly transfers electrical power from the motor to the rolling surface, greatly shortening the conduction approach, improving the motor’s working efficiency up to 97% and preserving power consumption up to 30%. 

Ensure low working sound
“CZPT” electric roller is assembled with large-quality alloy metal grinding equipment, CZPTpean regular motor and rigid tolerance. 
Make sure the substantial top quality of electric roller and really low sound when operating. The noise worth is a lot reduce than that of electrical roller
CZPT requirements. 

Adapt to severe environment
IP66/67’s substantial seal quality layout assures that the “same way” electric powered roller is appropriate for use in severe conditions (such as drinking water, dust, chemical resistance and grease and so forth. ). Meals quality electrical roller can be washed with higher strain scorching h2o. 
Straightforward upkeep
The electric powered roller is made to be completely sealed so that all the main components will not be ruined by the external environment during operation. 
Metal equipment electric roller every 5000 hours to alter oil, polymer equipment electric roller lifetime servicing. 
Function and management
The driving block that will direct the future offers a number of successful alternatives for you, variable velocity Configurations, constant velocity (not continuous load at the same time), acceleration and deceleration time regulation. 
Merchandise Informantion
This sort of electric roller can be set up space and fulfill the torque necessity. It is reputable, free of routine maintenance and oil-renewing, room-saving. It can be use in many fields. 
CZPT roller function
Roller Shell
Surface area rubber: Wear-resistant rubber, foods quality rubber, substantial temperature resistant silicone, insulating rubber, antistatic rubber
The roller content is divided into carbon steel pipes: Processing can be black, galvanized, chrome plated, nickel plated, aluminum alloy pipe, stainless steel
Item product
The diameter of the electric powered roller consists of: Ф50, Ф60, Ф67, Ф80, Ф113 Ф165, Ф216
Roller energy contains: 60W, 70W, 100W, 150W 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 550W, 750W, 1100W, 1500W
Voltage specifications are divided into: DC24, DC48V, AC200V, AC220V, AC380V
Auxiliary linkage mechanism: Sprocket, V-belt pulley, O-belt pulley, multi-turn pulley, synchronous wheel, equipment and brush wheel

Custom DC Brushless 48V 400W High Power Motor Roller for Conveyor