Clean Touch Anti-Finger HPL Sheet

Clean Touch Anti-Finger HPL Sheet

Item description: Compact Laminate Board/Sheet(HPL)
one) Completed through impregnating attractive paper and kraft paper in melamine then drying at large temperature and large force
2) Exceptional resistance to abrasion, higher temperatures, dirt, shock, cigarette ignition and open up flames
three) Exceptional mould-proof performance
4) Can be employed as an indoor and outdoor area decorative materials
five) Vast software and wonderful market place prospective

Technical specs:
1) Dimensions:
A) four x 8′ (one, 220 x 2, 440mm)
B) three x 7′ (910 x 2, 150mm)
C) 4 x 10′ (one, 220 x 3, 050mm)
D) 5 x 12′ (1, 525 x three, 660mm)
two) Thickness: two-25mm
3) End: Glossy, super matte (quarry), velour, or in accordance to customers’
four) Colors: Sound color, translucent, metallic, wooden grain

300PCS/pallet + wooden situation, or in accordance to customers’ unique requirements

Weideda Model Attractive Laminate is manufactured from particular papers impregnated with resins and bonded collectively underneath higher heat and strain. Weideda Brand Ornamental Laminate is the all-natural selection for numerous diversified programs. Our CZPT Function Laminate can be categorized by:

Horizontal Grade(HGS) is produced for both horizontal and vertical interior applications the place the area must be useful, durable and decorative. It is most often utilized for operate area on counters, vanities and desks and tables. Common vertical makes use of consist of surfacing for wall panels, tellers cages and the front panels of function stations, these kinds of as those in chain revenue merchants, hospitals, airports and eating places.

Vertical Grade(VGS) is supposed for vertical applications where useful, sturdy, attractive surface area which absorbs significantly less impact than a equivalent horizontal area. Vertical quality laminate is the usual selection for cabinet walls, doorways and drawer panels. It frequently appears on the vertical surfaces of desk dining places booths.

Put up forming Quality(HGP) is supposed for use on vertical and horizontal inside surfaces the place it is essential or desirable to roll the laminate on a basic radius over the edge of the floor. Fashioned edges for counters, desk tops, cabinet doors and drawer panels are acquainted apps of submit forming laminate. It eliminates seams and leaves an desirable floor.


Clean Touch Anti-Finger HPL Sheet