Automatic Electric Side Plastic Sealer Machine and High Quality Shrink Tunnel Machine

Automatic Electric Side Plastic Sealer Machine and High Quality Shrink Tunnel Machine

Automated facet Sealer sealing equipment and Shrink tunnel packager 


The DQL-4518S operates equally as the DQL-5545G over. The variation becoming that on this machine the packing containers/solution can be of random lengths. The side seal mechanism is continuous whereas the DQL-5545G has an L-sealer. This machine is excellent to pack image frames, aluminum plates, plastic piping,corning,skirting boards, wood items and so on. The ideal shrink tunnel for the DQL-4518S is the DSC4525L which utilizes an sophisticated hot air circulation technique for superior shrinking benefits and the speed of the conveyor can be set to the acceptable pace for the line.

Design DQL4518S DSC4525L
Max packing dimension L ∞, W+2H≤450,H≤150 W450xH250
Max sealing size W450 /
Energy(KW) 1.40 eleven.7
Ability -35 pcs/min -12 m/min
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ 380V 50HZ/60HZ
Sealing temperature 180ºC-250ºC relies upon on thickness of film and environment temperature
Thickness of movie(mm) .015-.10
Air strain 5-6
Packing materials POF PVC
Machine weight 340 250
Equipment dimension L1800×W950×H1580 L1800×W705×H1260

Major Characteristics

I.DQL4518S facet sealer attribute:
one.DQL4518S is the automatic side sealing device which developed by ourselves, it is employed to higher potential packing production line, feeding, conveying, getting into bag, sealing can be concluded at a time, it has higher operating effectiveness.

two.Vertical sealing adopts high good quality supporting composition and two sides linear guideway to make sealing strain well balanced, body won’t be ruined effortlessly. The sealing knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it is not going to stick film, sealing fastness, CZPT smoke, non-air pollution

3.Aspect sealing adopts continuous temperature sealing knife, sealing portion is straight and strong, there is no restricted about packing item size. Movie feeding belt adopts widen and thicken belt, its employing lifestyle is long and very easily to be replaced.

4.Device adopt “Omrom” PLC controller, is equiped with “Panasonic” photograph sensor to reach substantial speed and automated operating.

six.”Omron” temperature controller make certain sealing temperature error and “Omron” delay management sealing time exact

seven.CZPT innovative perforating device design guarantee stable operating

eight.”Airtach” air filter to make certain sufficient air resource for device

nine.It equiped with contact screen is less difficult to change the dimension has defense operate to keep away from sealing product mistaken and ensure the protection of operator

eleven.Great design and style of the cylinder which will change the open up length of the two sealing bar.

II. DSC4525L shrink tunnel attribute:
1.Sound roller rotate with conveying chain, at the same time sound roller rotate by by itself, down aspect sealing influence of item won’t have an effect on by roller, every facet sealing effect is firm.

two.It adopts higher-energy admirer motor to make sure adequate sturdy wind to attain best packing effect. 

3.It adopts spiral variety heating aspect to make certain sufficient heating and long existence

four.Total equipment with heating resistant go over

five.Inspection window can examine product shrink situation and altering simpler

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Automatic Electric Side Plastic Sealer Machine and High Quality Shrink Tunnel Machine