18-18-6 Washer, Filler and Capper 3-in-1 Machine Monoblock

18-18-6 Washer, Filler and Capper 3-in-1 Machine Monoblock

eighteen-18-six Washer, Filler and Capper three-in-1 Machine monoblock(XGF18-eighteen-6 )
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XGF 18-eighteen-six Washer, Filler and Capper 3-in-1 Machine monoblock
Washer, Filler and Capper 3-in-one Machine is largely utilized in the beverage filling operations. The three functions of washing, filling and capping are composed in a single body of the equipment. The equipment is utilised in filling drinking water consume in PET bottles. The operation of the machine can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the equipment to fill different sorts of bottles. The filling operation is more quickly and far more secure. This device is appropriate for pure h2o, mineral h2o, wine, and other liquid with standard temperature. Not suitable for juice, tea drinks in high temperature hot filling problem.
Rack: The principal structural steel and the area are 304 stainless steel cladding and 304 stainless steel body, and adjustable foot of stainless metal
The portion of rotary bottle washing
The variety of washing chuck is eighteen, and the washers are stable and dependable, large-effectiveness
The element of Rotary filling
 The quantity of filling valve is eighteen, and the areas of getting in touch with goods are 304 stainless metal components. Filling tanks of each internal and exterior surfaces are deal with mirror polish.
The part of rotary cap
The quantity of cap is six, and the level of cap-covered grounds, with no harm to the caps floor, lined hopper with considerably less routinely ship indicators to the plane shelters, with auto-go over feature.
The component of elevator  The domestic properly-known motor and reducer, 304 stainless steel protect, lowering the cap on the secondary air pollution, 304 stainless metal include beneath capping, coated warehouses and protected beneath a lined slot with electronic uncovered detection technique, automated manage sending capping devices and the total operating speed. Do not deliver bottles can be realized CZPT go over, not covered beneath the go over computerized shutdown.
Stop feeder
All sealed 304 stainless metal cap, lined conveyor belt despatched to a clean, no sound. Computerized control techniques, covered with justifications for the electronic detection technique equipment handle the procedure.
Energy method
Frequency Control, the numerous athletics bodies are pieces of equipment transmission, a easy procedure, all-spherical loser bottles for engineering plastics parts, with protection agencies.
one.1 Assortment of bottle ability:350-1500ml 
Variety of bottle diameter: φ50-φ92mm
Variety of bottle top: one hundred forty–330mm
Internal diameter of the bottleneck: φ20–φ30mm
one.two Range and specification:   XGF eighteen/18/6
X —- Washing Machine    G —- Filling Device   F —- Capping Machine
1.three Equipment composition and introduction of construction
Composition  –(washing)  , –(filling)   –(capping)  ,–(Air driving)
Human body equipment –(electric powered) ,  –(electric box) ,   –(operating system),  –(primary transmission) , –(body) ,   –(Chain box and getting into and exiting arc board)
one.four Strategy qualities:
Valve portions of filling: eighteen heads    CZPTs of capping: 6 heads     CZPTs of washing: 18 heads
      Potential: 350 & 500ml  6,000b/h– 8,000b/h              
      Can fits for your diverse bottle dimension, no need to have change mould if the bottle neck is same
1.5 Enter Energy:
Major energy: two.2KW ,  Washing pump:.37kw,  Filling pump:.75kw
Cap unscrambler:.25kw ,  Air blower: .75kw,  CZPT motor: .37kw
Automatic cap loader: .8kw ( motor .25kw, air blower:.55kw)
Functioning Voltage AC: 380V 50HZ, 3 stage
1.6 H2o Use: (aseptic drinking water) ≈ 2m3/h         Water Force:.2-.four Mpa
1.seven Proportions: LxWxH 2520x2100x2250mm            Weight of equipments ≈2800Kg
1.eight CZPT technique
The functioning effectiveness of the production line is mostly made a decision by the conveying method. When there is occasional stop on the downstream packaging method (e.g. label change), the forepart of the creation line cannot be effected. At the very same time, the transferring system have to hook up the equipments in the forepart and rear portion effectively. product is of excellent rigidity, light-weight weight and very good exchanging ability. It is used for bottles whose diameter is φ40~φ110 mm.

Equipment configuration:

18-18-6  three in 1
configuration Electrical power design Brand name Notice
conveyor   2m Youlian machine With supporter
Wash shelf   8pcs Youlian equipment flowing:2m3/h         Water Force:.2-.four Mpa
Stainless Washing Pump .37KW 1set
South China
Filling nozzle   eight Youlian machine  
Stainless filling pump .55KW 1-2T/hour
South China  
Major Motor 2.2KW one set South China adjustable
Capping head   three Youlian device Magnetic capping head
Admirer .75KW 1set ZheJiang ,China  
Caps unscrambler motor .25KW 1 set South China  
transduce   1pc Mitsubishi  
Electronic areas   one pc Simens  
Manage panel   one personal computer weinview  

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Model  XGF eight-8-3
Working Voltage AC 380V 50HZ, 3 stage
Selection of bottle potential 350–1500ml
Range of bottle diameter φ50-φ92mm
Variety of bottle peak one hundred forty–330mm
Interior diameter of the bottleneck φ20–φ30mm
CZPTs of washing 18 heads
Valve portions of filling 18 heads
CZPTs of capping six heads
Production Capability 350 &500ml  6,000b/h-eight,000b/h
Filling Precision one%
Principal energy 2.2KW
Filling pump .55kw
Washing pump .37kw
Cap unscrambler .25kw
Air blower .75kw
CZPT motor .55kw
Machine dimension 2520x2100x2250mm
Machine Bodyweight ≈2800Kg

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18-18-6 Washer, Filler and Capper 3-in-1 Machine Monoblock